About ynut

Kia ora. We are a family business, with a mission to serve all nut lovers with freshly addictive nut snacks. I am Yu-ting (Ting), ynut’s founder and a passionate foodie and home chef.

I found myself with extra time to try out different new things in my lab (aka kitchen) during the 2020 lockdown. I started experimenting with different recipes and types of nuts, just for fun. In the end, my coconut candied cashews and macadamias became immensely popular with family and friends. With all the encouragement and feedback I received made me think “Why not spread this joy further and share it with more people?” Plus "y" is my initial, therefore ynut!

The core principle of ynut’s products is “Simple and Pure”, we minimise ingredients- because less is more.

We only use ingredients you can find in your own kitchen, nothing naughty, no preservatives, so our snack is best enjoyed within 60 days (to ensure the optimal freshness and crunch). Having said that, once you open the pack we are pretty sure you won’t have to reseal it (based on feedback received so far!).

We source locally grown, spray-free macadamia nuts from Matakana Coast, imported Australian grown almonds, and also imported quality cashews from a local supplier.

Every pack is handcrafted with an emphasis on top quality. Simple and Pure, just like the smile that follows. :-)


Ting and Stephen at Howick Village Market

 ynut by Kiwi Crossing Ltd has been approved by Auckland City Council of registration of a NP2 - National Programme 2 under the Food Act 2014. Site registration number AKC016678/1.